For those of you who have decided to pursue a career in medicine after entering into your undergraduate years of college, or perhaps as early as high school, you may be wondering exactly what does it mean to be a Pre-Medical student. The truth of the matter is that despite some people believing that there exists a Pre-Medical degree at any particular university will be surprised to find out that there is no such a thing, at least anywhere that I have looked.
Being a Pre-Med is a lifestyle, a path of pushing oneself mentally and emotionally to the next level, to show the admissions boards of future medical schools that you are ready and able to make it in medical school. I find it a little funny when talking to brand new Pre-Meds (only because I was the same) that they come into college “bright-eyed” and “bushy tailed” about being pre-med only to realize that they have a tough road ahead. But who could really blame them? Unless you do your research, no one really tells you all that you need to do in order to prepare yourself for medical school. Come follow me as I write more about my experience through the Pre-Med life. Hopefully you can either learn from my mistakes or do things the way that I did them.


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