The Cutthroat Pre-Med Culture


There is a reason that hardly any of my closest friends are pre-meds, unfortunately.  Sometimes being around them is like being in the movie Mean Girls.  When I talk about med school with my nonpre-med friends, I usually get comments like, “That’s cool!” or “Good for you.” but when I talk to other pre-meds they usually respond with, “You want to go to medical school, huh?  Well…what’s your GPA?  How many hours of research/volunteer/shadowing have you done?”

Being a Pre Med is a tough road to go on throughout your undergrad.  It can be very discouraging when you are talking to other Pre Meds or reading up on online forums and everyone else seems to profess that they all have at least a 4.0 and a 528 MCAT score and have published 5 papers on cancer research they have done.  A lot of Pre Meds I know get very depressed about these things.

I can’t stand it when there are Pre Meds that are so cutthroat about things to other Pre Meds.  I roll my eyes when I hear a pre med say to another, “Oh, you only have a 3.7GPA? Maybe you should consider something other than medicine…”

A ER doctor, who once worked for University of Washington medical school admissions, once said to me that it is important that we help one another out because that is what physicians are supposed to do. Sure we are competing to get in the best medical school and not everyone who wants to get in will get in, but there are so many stuck up and selfish doctors out there that it would be refreshing to have some kind, humble and caring future doctors come to school.

Besides, helping out other Pre Meds might give you some meaningful mentoring experiences that you would be able to share with Medical schools on your secondary applications or even during interviews.  So be nice!


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