Troubles of Getting A Job


I want to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas to all!  Unless of course you don’t celebrate Christmas, but a Happy Holidays to you anyway.

I am definitely finding being a college graduate a very rewarding and an important milestone for myself but there’s also the reality that I have had to face and I know I am not the only one.  The funny thing about being a college student is that we are fed ideas and visions by our parents, professors and friends of how important a college education is and how much better off we will be in the job field because of it.

First off, I want to be clear that I whole heartedly agree with that.  Although I am sorry to say that usually a college student tends interpret those ideas and visions in their mind that there is a red carpet leading to an instant job offer to the dream job right after walking across the stage in graduation.  Sorry to say, for most of us, that is not how things work.


Why is it so difficult to get a substantial job right out of college?  It may be that it takes a couple more years of schooling to receive appropriate certification or it could be that the jobs you’re applying for are too competitive.  One major thing I find interesting about applying for jobs is when it seems that every job out there requires that the applicant have at least 1 or more years experience doing said job.  It kind of creates a paradox of sorts when you wonder how anyone is able to get any experience in that particular job when no company will hire anyone with no experience at all in the first place  that will then give them the needed experience.  Do you see where I’m coming from?

I’ve actually gone the route of applying to be a medical scribe in hopes of using it to bolster my medical school application, only to be offered a position that would require me to drive at least two hours for a round trip, every day for 5 days.  At only $10 an hour, I find that it would not be worth it and I hope to get a better job offer in front of me in the near future.  I guess I feel fortunate to have a few more job interviews in the near future.

Do any of you have any post graduation troubles with getting a job or perhaps were you one of the lucky ones that got a solid job offer right out of college?  Feel free to share if you like and I hope that everyone enjoys the rest of 2016.


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