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Medical School Update And Looking Forward

So I have been hard at work getting volunteer shifts in the Emergency Department of my local hospital, as well as working a full-time job.  Let me tell you, my life is so busy that I hardly have any time to do anything, let alone write a blog post here or there.  I’m actually surprised at how much more traffic on my blog I get when I don’t post anything for several weeks.  What exactly are you guys trying to tell me?

I just wanted to give everyone an update on my situation with the 2017 application cycle for medical schools.  For those who do not know, I applied last summer to get into medical school for the 2017 entering class.  Well I didn’t get accepted to any of the schools this time around and it looks like I will be applying again for the 2018 class.

I wouldn’t shed any tears for me though, as I did receive feedback from some of the medical schools I applied to as to why I didn’t get in this time.  The few that did give me feedback said that I was a strong candidate and would have had better luck if I didn’t apply as late as I did.  I would agree that I did apply late but that was the fault of me signing up for the MCAT in July and not getting my scores until late August.

Looking forward, I am currently planning on taking the MCAT June 1 to see if I can get a better score than last time.  I also will be better prepared to submit my application a lot earlier than last time.  I also am looking forward to having a lot more experience on my application this time than last time.

So all in all, I hope all of you learn from my mistake and not wait so late in the year to apply!


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