I am providing this disclaimer for the blog, “Tangents of a Pre-Medical Student.” I really do not like having to provide this but things like this are necessary nowadays so that none of my intentions with this blog are misunderstood. Please read the following and understand how it applies to this blog.


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Content written on this informational blog is intended to provide tips and advice to those preparing for a career in the health care field and is strictly based on my personal experience and opinion. I do not claim to be a professional counselor or advisor for any college, university or any other company. Please know that nothing I write on this blog is meant to offend, harass or demean any individuals or groups at all.


As this blog is open to everyone to has access to the internet, I cannot be held responsible for any comments left on this page. While comments are encouraged and welcome, I reserve the right to take down any comments that are violent, profane, pornographic, racist, offensive, spam related (or what I interpret to be spam), “trolling” in nature or link to harmful, malicious, illegal, violent or pornographic content.


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Validity and Accuracy

Like mentioned before, this blog is strictly of my personal opinion, experience or research that I have done. Information or advice I give is to the best of my knowledge at the given date that the information was posted. Please understand that rules, regulations regarding medical school, college, clubs and societies are constantly changing and that information I give may not be accurate at the time that it is written. As time goes on, I also can have a change of opinion, ideals or beliefs and so I reserve the right to do so.

Images and Media

Any images or other media that do not have any accreditation given, belong to me. I create images mostly from scratch and with little bits of free clip art that I have received. While I do not claim ownership to any premade clip art used within the image, I claim ownership to the final product made. If it is not my own, I will be sure give credit to the responsible individual or group. Images are not made to offend, harass or demean any individual or party and I cannot be held responsible for any harm caused by these images.